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Mandelprofi Produkte GmbH – Mandelprofi

About us …

Welcome to the home of The Almond Professionals. Quality products for over 30 years.

For more than tree decades, the Mandelprofi Produkte GmbH has successfully produced high-quality nut roasting machines for professional indoor and outdoor usage. On a broad scale we cater for a large variety of nut types, with a performance range from 6 to 24 kg per hour.

Regardless of whether your requirements are gas heated or an electrically operated unit, a large or small scale machine, you can rest assure that the machine that you purchase will be a durable long-lasting and well established successful class A product.
You communicate directly with the company owners.

Table Machine Gas/Electric

The mini

The extremely compact and high performance table machines

Indoor and outdoor areaGas/Electric

The great

Nuts powerful burner for large events

What would the best nut roaster be without the correct ingredients? Downloading our free recipes

The recipe for optimal results has no hidden secrets.

As in life:
An excellent end product is only the result of the amalgamation of good quality individual parts. With the correct nut roasting machine, first-rate ingredients and the feeling and instinct for taste, you will be able to fulfil and satisfy your customers’ palate of expectations and desires.
Whether it is almonds, macadamia or peanuts, pumpkin or cashew seeds, regardless of the preparation sweet or hot, with sugar, chocolate or any kind of spice, there are no limits to the realms of fantasy and creativity.

The results of your endeavours will be clearly underlined by your customer’s appreciation that in turn will be the signature of your success.

It goes without saying that the correct maintenance and upkeep of your machine is of up most importance. The eye eats first, and an appetizing hygienic visual presentation is an integral part of the overall concept of any food orientated business.
Not forgetting the all important reasonably priced goods.

Our nut internal devices comply with CE standard and with one year warranty.

Contact Info:

Mandelprofi Produkte GmbH
Phone: 089/32 64 99 14
Fax: 089/32 64 99 16