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electric • Typ MP/E

Performance: up to 24 kg/hour (finished product)

A well established professional indoor machine of tiptop quality, outstanding performance and reliability.

Dimension: 55 cm width, 55 cm deep, 84 cm high, (up to coverplate)
Weight: 75 kg
Frame and covering: Plastic coated extreme pressure, steel or stainless steel
Color: RAL 4005 (violet) or stainless steel silver
Coverplate: Brushed stainless steel
Kettle: Copper, volume 15 litres
Mixer arm: Stainless steel polished ball-braring-supported chain gear
Electric mixer drive: 0,18 kw excess current switch,
1,2 amps
Electric kettle drive: 0,18 kw excess current switch
1,2 amps
Electric heating: 4,95 kw infinitely variable
by electronic thermostat
Electric power value: 400 V AC, 3 x 16 amps, 50 cp
Preferred place of usage:

Large events where gas is not permitted, e.g. in stadiums, halls etc.

Manufacturer Warranty:
  • 12 months

  • Subject to technical modification

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