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gas • Typ MP/G

Performance: up to 24 kg/hour (finished product)

The best performance nut roaster that is available on the world market today. It is renowned for its longevity that has been attained by meticulous and stable processing; elegant design, clear contours, simply usage.

Dimension: 55 cm with, 55 cm deep, 84 cm high (up to coverplate)
Weight: 70 kg
Frame and covering: Plastic coated extreme pressure
steel or stainless steel
Color: RAL 4003 (pink) or stainless steel (silver)
Coverplate: Brushed stainless steel
Kettle: Copper, volume 15 litres
Mixer arm: Stainless steel polished, ball-braring-supported chain gear
Electric mixer drive: 0,18 kw excess current switch,
1,2 amps
Electric kettle drive: 0,18 kw excess current switch,
1,2 amps
Electrical system: 220-240 V AC, 0,36 kw, 50 cps
Gas system: Fully explosion-protected universal burner,
7,5 kw, gas consumption, max. 0,6 kg/h, operation press liquid gas 50 mbar, natural gas 20 mbar, pressure regulator 50 mbar
Igniter: Gas flame is ignited by pushbutton
Preferred place of usage:

Large out-door events.

Manufacturer Warranty:
  • 12 months

  • Subject to technical modification

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